Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pamela's Daybook: August 2nd

Today: Waking up with a 5-year-old sweet boy is such joy! No, I don't get as much written when he asks, "Can I sit in your chair?" But it's worth working longer. Add to that a 3-hour lunch with my friend, Eleanor, and it was a good day. 

At my writing desk: Writing about the King of Gerar. 

Praying for:  Emily as she gets ready for a new school year.

Thankful for: A friend you know will keep your secrets.

Journaling prompt for today: 

What was your favorite back-to-school purchase when you were a child?

There's no way I can can address this with one answer. Maybe it was the crayons -- Crayola, of course -- all standing like soldiers with their perfect points. Or paste -- ah, the smell of the paste with its paint-brush-like applicator. Now the kids have liquid glue or glue sticks -- it's not the same! #2 pencils, yellow ones that wrote so smoothly, or maybe my own pair of scissors -- either one could be my favorite. Notebook paper and a binder with its three metal rings, and little round white "doughnuts" that I licked and stuck to the holes of the notebook to keep the paper from tearing out. I still look at all the new school supplies -- I just try to keep myself from buying them. The neatest thing I saw this year? Decorative batteries -- really! Pink and black plaid AA batteries. 

Postmarking: Morgan and I are having a Postmark date this week, so I'm waiting until then to work on cards.

Favorite quote: Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow. Helen Keller


  1. I am a student currently working on my masters degree as well as a home school mommy, buying school supplies is one of my favorite times of the year. I look forward to the crisp fresh new paper and the perfectly ordered crayon boxes! Thank you for sharing your day. :)

  2. When I was a teacher, I always loved picking out the new books for the year. The students would get to choose which novel we would read together as a class. One year, we chose "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"! It was my favorite. Anyway, the books would always come nicely stacked in a box, and I would get to stamp and number them. I miss it!

  3. I love the way crayons smell! Crayola crayons are the best smelling.


  4. I have to comment on that quote...broken crayons can still color. Thank God for that, thank God that no matter what is going on we can still function when we trust in God.

  5. As a homeschool mother, I LOVE the back to school sales. My favorite purchases are related to COLORING, esp. crayons and colored pencils.