Friday, 29 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 29

Today: Second day to be alone.  One more, and Sunday will return to normal. I'm so used to RB being with me that I told him I feel punished when he can't be.  Tomorrow will mark the 80+ graduation ceremonies he has marched in since he began working at IWU. He always enjoys putting a face with some of his online students. I planned a fun day for myself tomorrow so the day will hopefully go faster.

At my writing desk: Only curriculum today. Almost ready to start adding Quarter #3 to Herald and Banner's dropbox.

In the mail: I admit that I'm addicted to stationery and note cards. A new box of writing paper makes my heart smile.  My sister had a fun bag on the guest bed when I visited earlier in the week. I found a box of Rex and Molly note cards in it. I've been enjoying using them for my list this week. 

Praying for: Our country -- and that's all you'll hear from me about politics, although I follow it daily. Let's all cover our elections with prayer.

Thankful for: My grandchildren.  Their music recital was last evening. It's such a blessing to see them grow their talents. They love music, and are faithful to practice.  How they have progressed in one year!  This was Landon's first year for trumpet; and all of them had piano pieces.  Heartland Christian School is a class act -- even recitals! It's a joy to know our grandchildren are getting a quality education (which reaches beyond the classroom setting).

Creating: I made dollar bill shirts today. I know, should be easy, but I won't say how many times I tried -- even with youtube videos! I wanted to put them in some boy-cards. I finally got them right, but I thought I should have let Ethan make them.

I'm reading: I have Amazon Prime, and each month they send me eight books that haven't been published yet. I can get one free.  The one I chose is "Eagle Tree" by Ned Hayes. The book is a beautiful look into the world of a boy who is autistic. I'm only on chapter three, so not far enough along to recommend it, but I've enjoyed it so far.

Postmarking: I'll be working on cards to the last minute this week since I took three days off. I think I receive more of a blessing than those receiving the cards. It's such a joy encouraging others!

Favorite quote: 
“Life is like a piano; the white keys represent happiness and the black show sadness. But as you go through life's journey, remember that the black keys also create music.” Ehssan

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 28

Today: Today is a catch-up day. Do you ever schedule one? Organizing, filing, throwing away, catching up on e-mails and instant messages. Tonight is the grandkids' music recital. All three will be playing the piano, and this year, Landon will also play his trumpet. Melanie had music born in her. When Shawn built their house, he included a beautiful music room. Melanie mentioned that the kids spend a third of their summer in the there. They all love music.

At my writing desk: Only curriculum today.

In the mail: I had 3 delightful letters waiting when we came home from IHC, but we had them continue to hold the mail since we were leaving again on Monday.

Praying for: A young Christian couple sentenced to five years in jail for child abuse that did not happen. The judge said he couldn't prove it happened, but the couple couldn't prove it didn't. Since the judge didn't know who did it, he sentenced them both.

Thankful for: Three days with family celebrating my daddy's 81st birthday. Oh my, the fun we had! My sister took Tuesday off work, so that was extra-fun. We got to grab a Starbucks and sit and chat for a bit.

Creating: RB stopped at my favorite JoAnn's on the way home yesterday. It's huge and carries things I don't see at mine. I only had 15 minutes, but I packed a lot in them. Did you know JoAnn's accepts Hobby Lobby coupons? A sweet lady told me in the check-out line and then gave me one.

I'm reading: I finished "The Painter's Daughter" by Julie Klassen. It was a good read and kept my mind busy on on the way home. Read Daphne's Diary magazine. It's expensive, but I got it half off. This is one of the magazines Mom and I used to share.

Postmarking: I had a marathon card writing session when I got back from IHC last Friday. I got all my cards from the list out and a couple more.

Favorite quote: "Correspondence has always been as necessary to my happiness as a well-cooked dinner, and I've found it more sustaining for its generosity: an act of charity that returned to me a hundredfold.” Delia Sherman 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 22

Today: IHC 2016 is over. We are heading back to Muncie today. We're not in a hurry. We'll have lunch along the way and stop at the Amish store, too. I'm ready for my own bed! I think pain is easier to handle when we're in our own homes. That's probably not very scientific. 

At my writing desk: The desk has been lonely all week. 

In the mail: RB will pick up the mail tomorrow. It's fun to get a whole stack at once -- makes me happy even if there isn't happy mail in the stack.

Praying for: Family traveling back to South Dakota. 20 hours hours on the road -- praying God will keep them safe.

Thankful for: Barak's good report: The scan showed no spreading! Thank you for praying with Karl and Becky. Connie Snodgrass was speaking about trials this week and said, "God answers prayer with His presence." 

Creating: None -- and I'm itching to get into a new project.

I'm reading: I finished the novel I was reading. When I couldn't sleep last night, I started another. Oh my, such filth. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to my reading. I have a good filter.  But there was no redeeming content so after a couple pages I deleted it from the Kindle. At 4:00 this morning I downloaded Pandora and drifted off for a couple hours to Steve Green's "People Need the Lord."

My friend, Valorie Quesenberry, released her book, "It Isn't Random: Why Gender Matters," this week. It's in my purse to read on the way home. If you are interested in obtaining one, contact her at or on Facebook under Valorie Bender Quesenberry.

Postmarking: So many people at the convention have been touched by Shelter: Postmarked. Every time someone spoke of the cards they received, I thought, Mom would be so pleased. Her loaves and fishes have been sent around the world.

Favorite quote:  "Male and female are dual bearers of (God's) image; neither of them is better than the other. God has entrusted each of us with either a male or female identity and we must steward that gift well. It is a sacred trust." Valorie Quesenberry, It's Not Random.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 21

Today: I just now opened my curtains to see what it's like outside. My window is covered in fingerprints and it makes me smile. My room has always been a gathering room for family and friends. The fingerprints are proof that kids have been here. They can watch people entering the convention center and see them crossing the skywalk from the hotel to the center.  

At my writing desk: I'm keeping up with my Daybook, but that's about all. I'll be working double next week!

In the Mail: This wasn't sent through the mail, but it was definitely happy mail. One of my team members quilted me a beautiful bird hanging. Brought tears to my eyes to think of someone going to that work for me. 
Praying for: A young woman named Brook. She was raised by parents on drugs -- a dysfunctional family in all ways. Brook is 20 and trying to break away from the lifestyle in which she grew up. She needs prayer that she'll be able to make good choices and allow God to fill the holes in her life with Himself.

Thankful for: Friends.  This is one place that I realize the magnitude of my friends. Last night we were able to have supper with friends of 40 years. Ray and Naomi would bring their children to my home at 5:30 in the morning -- kids still in their footie pjs. Now we compare grandkid stories.  

Creating: Not much creativity going on here unless you count decorating envelopes!

I'm reading: You know, I don't think I read anything yesterday. I can hardly believe that's true. Maybe we can count the Dayton Daily -- lots of ads and the conference schedule.

Postmarking: One thing I've learned about our postmarking ministry is how wide it encompasses. So many people these last two days have expressed thanks for the team members' cards. I've been blessed over and over by their stories.

Favorite quote:  When God's people are filled with God's spirit, the huddle of the unqualified becomes the march of the unstopable. Darrel Stetler II 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 20

Today: The sun is shining and the city of Dayton is buzzing. Tonight they are honoring friends of ours for their leadership of the Interchurch Holiness Convention. Spaghetti Warehouse is calling our name, and we'll answer the call either today or tomorrow.

At my writing desk: I'm finding it difficult to write here. I'm used to writing in motels but I think it's knowing there are a thousand people I know a few feet away that's making it harder to concentrate. And I've been listening to all the services, too. 

Writing is a talent, a job, but it's also the place to go to in your head. It's the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon. Ann Patchet

Praying for: Barak and Erin Carpenter. The biopsies were positive for cancer and the CT and blood work will determine spread and treatment. Will you please help me pray for Barak (only 23) and Erin and their parents?

Thankful for: A free country where thousands can gather for worship and encouragement. I'm not a big crowd person, but joy hits my h
eart when I see so many with the desire to serve God.

Creating: Made two photos to tuck in my cards. I use Picmonkey, a free program that's easy to use.

I'm reading: Less than a hour of "Lady of Milkweed Manor" (Julie Klassen) left. I slept good until 3:00 so had some rewinding to do! A friend, Valorie Quesenberry, is releasing a new book here. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Reading more of "When a Woman Finds Her Voice" (Jo Ann Fore). Sometimes when God brings truth, He reveals it in more than one way. Rev. Heath spoke about brokenness yesterday afternoon and Rev. Witt in Bible Study this morning, too.

Postmarking: Only one card today. I'll have some catching up to do on Friday night and Saturday!

Favorite quote: Tweet by @darrellstetler2 -- #IHC16: that wonderful time where people from all over the country gather and iron clothes in their hotel until noon. #ihcwithkids

Yamaha - C7:  (Provided by Linville Company - 317.697.55516) RB's loving it!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Today: A little bit of a sleep in, and a late breakfast with our friends, Ben and Sue. It's a Dayton tradition. The best part is tea in a glass tumbler. It's the little things that make my life smile. 

First service begins at 1:30, and I say good bye to RB at that time. It will be Thursday night after the last service that we connect. He's tied to the piano most of the time.

At my writing desk: I plan to write curriculum. I have yesterday's hours to make up. I do love my job!

In the mail: No mail here, but I did find the outgoing box in the hotel lobby!

Praying for: A dear, sweet friend who is going through the trial of her life. Will you please help me pray for Sharon (not her real name, but God knows!).

Thankful for: Friends -- we'll see a lot of them this week!

Creating: I make my own "pass it on" cards with photographs.  I want to work on some children's cards today.

I'm reading: I was awake until after five this morning, so I listened to "Lady of Milkweed Manor" (Julie Klassen). I'm still 
enjoying it. I read some of "When a Woman Finds Her Voice" (Jo Ann Fore) on the way to Dayton. Every woman has suffered hurts -- we try to keep them hidden, but voicing them not only helps ourselves, but others, too.

Postmarking: Will be sending some cards today, and a book from Amazon to my friend going through a specific trial.

Favorite quote: "Those thin places where truth seeps through --those are the places where Jesus walks, the places we find healing" (Jo Anne Fore)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 18

Today: We make our yearly trek to the Interchurch Holiness Convention today. I remember the years we had little girls to pack for. Every outfit had its own hair bow, tights, and shoes. Then they became teenagers, and even though I didn't need to pack for them, we had triple the luggage! It's easier (but not as much fun!) to pack now that it's just RB and me. I have the candle, lighter, Keurig, and goblets. Those necessities -- and my Kindle. So what if I forget my clothes! There's a Skyline stop planned on the way.

At my writing desk: I probably won't get much writing done today, but there's always some going on in my head.

In the mail:
The mailman failed me over the weekend. We've stopped the mail until Saturday.

Praying for: 
 Our friends, Karl and Becky Carpenter, and their son Barak and his wife, Erin. Barak had surgery Friday for possible cancer. Further testing and blood work will be done this week. Barak is a principled Christian young man. He has only been married a year. Karl was RB's roommate at college, best man in our wedding, and he did the committal service for our Sarah's burial. Barak is their only child. Their desire is that Christ be glorified through this difficult time.

Thankful for: Heating pads and cold packs

Creating: Saturday, Emma and I covered a can to keep her gems in. A cocoa can, scrapbook paper, lace trim glue runner, and a paper punch. Emma loves to create.

I'm reading: I finished "Love That Boy." I couldn't sleep Saturday night, so I started "Lady of Milkweed Manor" by Julie Klassen. I listened to four hours of it and am really enjoying it. Someone recommended it to me, but I can't remember who. I have no idea how it's going to end, and I love that!

Postmarking: We ended the week with 87 postmarks. Only 1/3 reported, so the total may be higher. I've packed my travel bag with notes, washi, return address stamp, etc., and hope to find time to start on this week's list. Sending six today.

Favorite quote: "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own" (Ben Sweetland).

Friday, 15 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 15

Today: I have an appointment with Rhonda today. She works therapeutic magic on my neck and shoulders. Shopping for a gift for a friend.

At my writing desk: Isaac Singer said, "The waste basket is a writer's best friend." The delete button is mine. I've overused it lately.

In the mail: An oversized postcard with a bio of Marianne Moore, an American poet. Diana used four stamps, including a 10 cent Robert Frost.

Praying for: Emma, Jonathon and Emily's foster daughter. Selfishness always hurts the innocent.

Thankful for: My lunch with Eleanor yesterday.  We may or may not have have visited for two and half hours. No doubt about drinking too much tea.

Creating: Does buying paper feathers count?

I'm reading: Half way through "Love That Boy." Started "When a Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life's Hurts and Using Your Story to Make a Difference" by Jo Anne Fore.  She talks about her fears, doubts, and insecurities sparkling much brighter than her trampled tiara. 

Postmarking: Made my five.  I'm almost done with cards for the week, but I have some letters to write.

Favorite quote: "Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth, and that is not speaking" (Naomi Wolf).

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 14, 2016

Today: I'm having lunch with my friend, Eleanor. We've been "ships passing in the night" for the last couple months, keeping up through messages and Facebook. We are meeting at McAllisters (hashtag: best-tea-in-town) -- a stone's throw from Michaels, so I may be forced to run in there.

At my writing desk: Getting most of my curriculum writing out of the way before I leave. Planning another chapter for when I get back. 

In the mail: A sweet note from my daughter, Melanie, with two of the cutest teacup tags. With four children, she has a busy life, but she always makes time to encourage others. 

Praying for: Nathaniel -- Jonathon's brother. He finished his four years of service in the army. Praying the adjustments will be easy, and God/church will become a priority in his life again.

Thankful for: My postmarking team. These ladies have a heart for encouragement. I love it when others ask to be a part of our team. I'm happy to welcome anyone God sends to join.

Creating: A headache gave me some extra time to crochet. Looking at the computer screen was making it worse. Still working on the prayer shawl. Looking for my next project to use up little bits of yarn -- any suggestions? 

I'm reading: If you don't have time to read, you don't have the tools for writing. It's that simple (S. King).When I turn on my Kindle, there's a book advertised.  Yesterday when I turned it on, there was one authored by Grace Livingston Hill. They are reprinting some of her books. Does anyone else remember preachers proclaiming, "Don't read these books"? I think reading them gave me my aversion to scripted plots.

Postmarking: Five more today! Five is the perfect amount for me to fill up a quiet evening. 

Favorite quote: “I have one desire now -- to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it" (Elisabeth Elliot). 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 13

Today: No place to go and nothing pressuring me to be done. The sun is shining through my window, and it promises to be 59 degrees. 

At my writing desk: Three hours of curriculum editing/writing and then free-time writing. I've been doing some writing in my head and it's ready to be put on paper.

In the mail: Fun letter from a friend. $1.56 postage due. She had two stamps on it, but I think it was more than 1/4" thick. Beth taps her trees for maple syrup. Thinking about it made me hungry for pancakes, but sugar-free syrup just isn't the same!

Praying for: RB as he works on his dissertation. His sabbatical ends at end of the month so I'm praying this will be a profitable day.

Thankful for: Strawberries for breakfast. They are starting to taste "real" again. I'm thankful for the man who washes and slices my strawberries for breakfast, too. 

Creating: I made some fun pig and floral envelopes from calendars last evening. I had a sweet little boy sitting on my lap while I was making them.

I'm reading: Started Love That Boy: What Two Presidents, Eight Road Trips, and My Son Taught Me About a Parent's Expectations. It was released just yesterday. 

Postmarking: No postmarks yesterday.  Plan to do five today. 

Favorite quote: 
Pawpaw: Camron, I love you a little bit!
Camron: I love you a little bit, too. And I love Mawmaw a whole lot!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 12

Today: Tuesday started with a smile. Jonathon wasn't home last night, so Emily and Emma spent the night. I loved having them here. The newlyweds made it 13 months without staying apart -- certainly longer than RB and my 7 months. It was 1976...We were traveling with the quartet and stopped at West Virginia Camp. It was a 4-H campground, so the lodging consisted of girls' dorm and boys' dorm...

At My Writing Desk: Yesterday I finished my goals for other people 
(The Banner article: The Cleaning of a Wintered Heart), but my personal goals didn't get done.  I'm starting with them today, and will work on curriculum this afternoon. "Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say" (Sharon O'Brien). I'm eager to know what I'm going to say!

In the Mail: A letter from Vanessa. Sweet Emma hand delivered a note when she came last night, along with a green rubber band bracelet.  

Praying for: My friend, Denise, as she has treatments for cancer.

Thankful for: Our friend Ben's successful heart cath and stent insertion yesterday. 

Creating: Pig envelopes -- I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I'm reading: I finished "Girl of the Limberlost." I read this book over forty years ago, and the re-read was like meeting an old friend. 

Postmarking: Wrote five notes/cards.

Favorite Quote: From my 7-year-old granddaughter -- "I was afraid I wouldn't get my goals done, so Daddy prayed with me and it worked!"

Monday, 11 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 11

Today: Mondays are fun at my house -- The grands take turns coming after school. Alone. They get my undivided attention. They choose the menu. Tonight is Morgan's turn -- Papa John's pizza and cookies-n- cream ice cream.

At my writing desk: Working on editing curriculum. It goes through 5 stages of editing before I send it to the office. It's edited there and sent to the layout people. All of it is sent electronically. But after layout, I receive a package in the mail for a final editing. Such a fun process!

I will also be writing an article for The Herald. It's due the second Tuesday of the month. If my day goes as planned, I'll also complete a chapter for another project, and a devotional. I'm blessed to do what I love.

In the mail: I received an encouragement card from my friend, Anne, whom I met through her blog, Anne's Phamily.

Praying for: Ron and Marjorie who lost their adult son, Jamie, last month. Today is Jamie's birthday, and it will be a hard day for them.

Thankful for: My daddy is finally feeling better after a round of this horrid flu (of course the flu shot didn't include the strain he had...)

Creating: I'm crocheting a prayer shawl for someone who needs comfort. I'm half way, and I'd love to finish it by the end of the week. I'm using Orchid Red Heart yarn, but wish I would have used a softer yarn.

I'm reading: Girl of the LimberLost by Gene Stratton-Porter for my book club (A book set in the state where I live.); The Contemplative Writer by Ed Cyzewski; HGTV magazine.

Postmarking: The new lists went out last evening to 36 team members. I'll start the new lists with a goal of four tonight.

Favorite quote: Sent to me this morning by my sweet Emily -- Rise and shine. I've always held such fondness for that sweet old phrase. As though we are all little Suns. As though we are all someone's day. ~Taplin (Perhaps Em is recalling how I woke her up each morning with "Rise and Shine" when she was a tiny little gal...)