Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pamela's Daybook: July 19th

Today: Woke up to one grandson, took him home, and will wake up tomorrow morning to another! Is there anything better than being a grandmother? Landon gave us a concert on the sax. Pawpaw played a song with him, too.

At my writing desk: I was s.t.u.c.k. today. Writing curriculum went smoothly and then I hit a snag. Still working through it. 

Praying for: Building project at Heartland Christian School

Thankful for: Ethan, our firstborn grandson. He's 12 and loves homemade rolls and sloppy joes. Hearing Ethan and Pawpaw trading jokes and puns makes me smile.

I'm reading: No reading today. How could it be? Well, the day's not over yet!

Journaling prompt for today: Write about a secret you have with yourself (that you haven't told anyone). Well, if I wrote about it here, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it? 

Postmarking: No incoming or outgoing. Writing about my day makes me feel like I didn't accomplish anything. Let's hope tomorrow will be more productive.

Favorite quote: The pages afforded glimpses into my soul where I'd hidden it, behind masks of paper and ink. Rachel Schade


  1. Love your quote! This is such a nice way to recap and review on the day. I love your positivity as well. Your posts are always so bright and cheery. :)