Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pamela's Daybook: July 15th

Today: It's Friday! I had the best talk with my Aunt Jean. I called to find out about Aunt Posie, but we chatted about a lot of other things, too. One thing she told me is about a family (near my childhood home) who lived in a three story house, a bathroom on each level. But -- they had only one towel and they had to carry it from floor to floor. That just made me laugh. 

Both Aunt Posie and Uncle Jim are in a care facility. They share the same room. Uncle Jim cannot hear anything. The last time I tried to talk to him on the telephone he couldn't hear me at all. All I heard was him telling Aunt Posie, "I can't hear a thing she's saying." Aunt Posie isn't doing well, but at least she's in a place that provides great care. I'm so thankful for that. 

At my writing desk: Lots of writing going on today. 

Praying for:  Uncle Jim and Aunt Posie

Thankful for: Aunt Jean!

I'm reading: I asked Aunt Jean if all my cousins read. My Great Papa Gromley read, my Grammy did, all of her daughters, my mother and three aunts, are (were) readers. Aunt Jean thinks all of the cousins read, too. We are four generation readers -- my daughters read voraciously, making them fifth generation readers. My grandchildren are sixth generation readers. That makes me smile! Is it hereditary or environmental? 

Journaling prompt for today: Write about something you made by hand.  I was crocheting a shawl, probably back in the 70s. I crocheted the whole way to Chicago. We were staying with RB's sister, on Lake Shore Drive. Someone broke into the car, stole my shawl and leather coat. I could understand the coat, but who steals a half-crocheted shawl? 

Postmarking: I got all my mail out this week. I also had six young women from a Bible Study join our group. They all played volleyball together and now have formed a Bible Study. How awesome is that?!!

Favorite quote: The journey of a lifetime begins at the turning of a page. Rachel Anders


  1. This is a very interesting blog post. I like your outlining. Prayers and Love your way!

  2. I love your storytelling. It gives snippets to blast from the past and also current small heart felt daily life episodes 😀

  3. Always good to read to children. anyone can do it. Love this post. Love how you put it together


  4. Don't you love talking to older relatives? The wisdom they have is amazing!

  5. Reading is really important at our house. My kids sleep with a bed full of books!

  6. Congrats on the 6 young women joining your Bible study group! I know that must be encouraging.