Friday, 8 July 2016

Pamela's Daybook: July 8th

Today: The killing of five police officers is weighing heavy on my heart. As one who watched a friend's daughter lose her policeman husband and another friend her son, I feel for the whole community of officers and their families. Policemen stand up for their fallen. Could the church learn from them?

At my writing desk: I have some curriculum hours to make up, so I'll do that this weekend before I begin any other writing. I also have a Banner article to write before Tuesday. It's churning around in my head.

Praying for: The families of the fallen police officers. 

Thankful for:  Our visit with Daddy. We met Steve and Melodie to pick him up, and then back to meet them. So we were able to sneak in two visits with them. We had a good holiday, and Daddy enjoyed being with the girls and their families. The four days went fast.

I'm reading: For my book club this month, I need to read a book by an author I didn't like, to see if I like a later book. The only one I can think of is Jan Karon (Don't shoot me -- her writing is just too slow for me). Which book of Karon's did you like the best? 

Postmarking:  I have 9 to go out today. Do you have a return address stamp? Melanie gifted one to me, and I've been happy with it. 

Favorite quote: A cop has a calling. It's not about making money. Being a cop is about making communities safe, caring for children, and doing what it takes to stop from hurting another person. 
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  1. I have been sadden all week not just last night. My family believes that eveyone God created life is important. Since Wednesday every night my husband and I have spoken about a tragic unnecessary loss. Once I heard about the Policemen I literally cried put loud. I am confused, devastated, and digusted. I am afraid for my 2 younger brothers and husband. I am afraid for my good friends and neighbor who protects and serves every day. Today I chose to pray for a nation and all of the victims this week. All I can do is trust in God's plan.

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  3. Gosh what a heart breaking story. : ( praying.

  4. This has been a tragic week, but if we lay it to God in pray.

  5. It has been such a hard week. I hope we can teach our children to love rather than hate.

  6. It is overwhelming to me the desperate anger that fueled such violence when none was necessary. This was more than a tragedy. Dear God, please heal our nation.

  7. I've been praying for ALL the families affected by unnecessary loss of life this week.

  8. It's been such a sad weekend. As someone who lives in Dallas, it just hits so close to home :(

  9. Try her newer book "Come Rain or Come Shine." I understand the "slowness" ...have to be in the mood to read her but I do get tickled over some of the community conversations that she provides and some of the characters are vaguely familiar! :)