Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pamela's Daybook: July 26th

Today: It's been a quiet day. The Priest killing has been on my mind. While we are appalled that anyone could perform such a horrific attack, those who were in his Parish are grieving out of love for him.  

At my writing desk: I was working through the haze of a headache today. I still got quite a bit accomplished. 

Praying for: Our Melanie. She has been suffering with her back for a couple weeks now. Both girls have inherited RB's back issues. She's a busy mother of four and needs to be pain-free. 

Thankful for: I don't need to cook supper. It's meat pie from leftovers -- one of RB's favorite meals. 

I'm reading: Here's a quote from Your Powerful Prayers: Reaching the heart of God with a bold and humble faith by Susie Larson: "The place of power, the sweet spot in our faith walk, is the place where joy and faith collide. God invites us to a hilarious-dancing-leaping kind of joy -- a joy that invites us to enjoy our food, enjoy our loved ones, stand in awe of a sunset, and embrace His goodness, because every good thing comes from His hands."

Journaling prompt for today: 

Copy a meaningful prayer that someone else has written into your prayer journal. The exercise of writing it in your handwriting provides your brain a way to remember the meaning. (Rachel Wojo)

Lord, help me to be an encouragement
to others in the same way that You have sent many little encouragements to me along the way. There have been times of weariness and times of fear -- and times when I have felt ready to give up -- but always at the right time there was a short note or a simple call or a little token of Your love for me, which You sent by means of the many people that You have lovingly placed in my life. 

Thank You also, Lord, that You are our God of encouragement – and that we have Your indwelling Holy Spirit to help and to comfort in times of need. Teach me Your way and Your will, and help me to always heed the gentle promptings of the Spirit of Comfort within my heart, so that I may not miss an opportunity to be a minister of Your encouragement to others in times of need.

Oh Lord, more and more I long to breathe You into my very being and be saturated with Your love and grace -- so that I may be equipped to breathe out Your love and joy and help and support and encouragement to all with whom I come in contact.

Show me, Lord, how I can best be an encouragement to others – and may my life point others to You and never to myself – May I decrease as You increase more and more in my life – I pray in Jesus' name,



Postmarking: Morgan and I had a card-writing machine going on last night and this morning. She wrote cards to twelve police officers and one card to a dear woman she knows. She has a tender heart, and prays for those she sends cards to.

Favorite quote: Children close their ears to advice, but open their eyes to example. Unknown


  1. Thanks for another doze of inspiration. I might try that chocolate pie recipe as I have had some sugar cravings lately ;) Or if not, it sounded very good. #yum :)

  2. These are fantastic! I might save that little visual of inspiration you have here. The box of sunshine is a good one :)