Monday, 11 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 11

Today: Mondays are fun at my house -- The grands take turns coming after school. Alone. They get my undivided attention. They choose the menu. Tonight is Morgan's turn -- Papa John's pizza and cookies-n- cream ice cream.

At my writing desk: Working on editing curriculum. It goes through 5 stages of editing before I send it to the office. It's edited there and sent to the layout people. All of it is sent electronically. But after layout, I receive a package in the mail for a final editing. Such a fun process!

I will also be writing an article for The Herald. It's due the second Tuesday of the month. If my day goes as planned, I'll also complete a chapter for another project, and a devotional. I'm blessed to do what I love.

In the mail: I received an encouragement card from my friend, Anne, whom I met through her blog, Anne's Phamily.

Praying for: Ron and Marjorie who lost their adult son, Jamie, last month. Today is Jamie's birthday, and it will be a hard day for them.

Thankful for: My daddy is finally feeling better after a round of this horrid flu (of course the flu shot didn't include the strain he had...)

Creating: I'm crocheting a prayer shawl for someone who needs comfort. I'm half way, and I'd love to finish it by the end of the week. I'm using Orchid Red Heart yarn, but wish I would have used a softer yarn.

I'm reading: Girl of the LimberLost by Gene Stratton-Porter for my book club (A book set in the state where I live.); The Contemplative Writer by Ed Cyzewski; HGTV magazine.

Postmarking: The new lists went out last evening to 36 team members. I'll start the new lists with a goal of four tonight.

Favorite quote: Sent to me this morning by my sweet Emily -- Rise and shine. I've always held such fondness for that sweet old phrase. As though we are all little Suns. As though we are all someone's day. ~Taplin (Perhaps Em is recalling how I woke her up each morning with "Rise and Shine" when she was a tiny little gal...)


  1. Rise and shine! Love it. Mom always woke us up by calling up the stairs- "Rise and shine...hit the deck...are your feet on the floor?" <3

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  3. The daybook idea sounds something like a "Currently Journal" I did once -- ( It's a quick and easy way to "snapshot" your day!