Monday, 18 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 18

Today: We make our yearly trek to the Interchurch Holiness Convention today. I remember the years we had little girls to pack for. Every outfit had its own hair bow, tights, and shoes. Then they became teenagers, and even though I didn't need to pack for them, we had triple the luggage! It's easier (but not as much fun!) to pack now that it's just RB and me. I have the candle, lighter, Keurig, and goblets. Those necessities -- and my Kindle. So what if I forget my clothes! There's a Skyline stop planned on the way.

At my writing desk: I probably won't get much writing done today, but there's always some going on in my head.

In the mail:
The mailman failed me over the weekend. We've stopped the mail until Saturday.

Praying for: 
 Our friends, Karl and Becky Carpenter, and their son Barak and his wife, Erin. Barak had surgery Friday for possible cancer. Further testing and blood work will be done this week. Barak is a principled Christian young man. He has only been married a year. Karl was RB's roommate at college, best man in our wedding, and he did the committal service for our Sarah's burial. Barak is their only child. Their desire is that Christ be glorified through this difficult time.

Thankful for: Heating pads and cold packs

Creating: Saturday, Emma and I covered a can to keep her gems in. A cocoa can, scrapbook paper, lace trim glue runner, and a paper punch. Emma loves to create.

I'm reading: I finished "Love That Boy." I couldn't sleep Saturday night, so I started "Lady of Milkweed Manor" by Julie Klassen. I listened to four hours of it and am really enjoying it. Someone recommended it to me, but I can't remember who. I have no idea how it's going to end, and I love that!

Postmarking: We ended the week with 87 postmarks. Only 1/3 reported, so the total may be higher. I've packed my travel bag with notes, washi, return address stamp, etc., and hope to find time to start on this week's list. Sending six today.

Favorite quote: "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own" (Ben Sweetland).

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