Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 21

Today: I just now opened my curtains to see what it's like outside. My window is covered in fingerprints and it makes me smile. My room has always been a gathering room for family and friends. The fingerprints are proof that kids have been here. They can watch people entering the convention center and see them crossing the skywalk from the hotel to the center.  

At my writing desk: I'm keeping up with my Daybook, but that's about all. I'll be working double next week!

In the Mail: This wasn't sent through the mail, but it was definitely happy mail. One of my team members quilted me a beautiful bird hanging. Brought tears to my eyes to think of someone going to that work for me. 
Praying for: A young woman named Brook. She was raised by parents on drugs -- a dysfunctional family in all ways. Brook is 20 and trying to break away from the lifestyle in which she grew up. She needs prayer that she'll be able to make good choices and allow God to fill the holes in her life with Himself.

Thankful for: Friends.  This is one place that I realize the magnitude of my friends. Last night we were able to have supper with friends of 40 years. Ray and Naomi would bring their children to my home at 5:30 in the morning -- kids still in their footie pjs. Now we compare grandkid stories.  

Creating: Not much creativity going on here unless you count decorating envelopes!

I'm reading: You know, I don't think I read anything yesterday. I can hardly believe that's true. Maybe we can count the Dayton Daily -- lots of ads and the conference schedule.

Postmarking: One thing I've learned about our postmarking ministry is how wide it encompasses. So many people these last two days have expressed thanks for the team members' cards. I've been blessed over and over by their stories.

Favorite quote:  When God's people are filled with God's spirit, the huddle of the unqualified becomes the march of the unstopable. Darrel Stetler II 

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