Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Pamela's Daybook: April 20

Today: The sun is shining and the city of Dayton is buzzing. Tonight they are honoring friends of ours for their leadership of the Interchurch Holiness Convention. Spaghetti Warehouse is calling our name, and we'll answer the call either today or tomorrow.

At my writing desk: I'm finding it difficult to write here. I'm used to writing in motels but I think it's knowing there are a thousand people I know a few feet away that's making it harder to concentrate. And I've been listening to all the services, too. 

Writing is a talent, a job, but it's also the place to go to in your head. It's the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon. Ann Patchet

Praying for: Barak and Erin Carpenter. The biopsies were positive for cancer and the CT and blood work will determine spread and treatment. Will you please help me pray for Barak (only 23) and Erin and their parents?

Thankful for: A free country where thousands can gather for worship and encouragement. I'm not a big crowd person, but joy hits my h
eart when I see so many with the desire to serve God.

Creating: Made two photos to tuck in my cards. I use Picmonkey, a free program that's easy to use.

I'm reading: Less than a hour of "Lady of Milkweed Manor" (Julie Klassen) left. I slept good until 3:00 so had some rewinding to do! A friend, Valorie Quesenberry, is releasing a new book here. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Reading more of "When a Woman Finds Her Voice" (Jo Ann Fore). Sometimes when God brings truth, He reveals it in more than one way. Rev. Heath spoke about brokenness yesterday afternoon and Rev. Witt in Bible Study this morning, too.

Postmarking: Only one card today. I'll have some catching up to do on Friday night and Saturday!

Favorite quote: Tweet by @darrellstetler2 -- #IHC16: that wonderful time where people from all over the country gather and iron clothes in their hotel until noon. #ihcwithkids

Yamaha - C7:  (Provided by Linville Company - 317.697.55516) RB's loving it!


  1. I love the snapshot of you day! Lady of Milkweed Manor was a good read.

  2. I love the snapshot of you day! Lady of Milkweed Manor was a good read.

  3. Love the quote from Ann Patchet!

  4. God's beauty is all around us. I am so glad you see it in the small things of your day.

  5. This reminds me I neglected my poor book the last two days...

  6. I like the structure of your blog to provide the highlights of your day. I too am thankful to be living in a country where we can freely gather to worship and encourage others.

  7. I love the Ann Patchet quote you shared. I am also thankful for religious freedom!