Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pamela's Daybook: May 12

Today: It's a Barnes and Noble day!

At my writing desk: Three hours of curriculum.  I have a few hours to make up, but I'll do that tomorrow. I do get more done at Barnes and Noble because I'm not thinking about laundry or a dirty kitchen floor. 

In the mail: Happy mail yesterday was sent to RB -- a thank-you for participating in a faculty development session.

Praying for: Emily. She went back to teaching today. I'm not sure how she's going to endure it except through strength from God. Unfortunately, she's not finished with her day when school dismisses. Emma has a visit with her dad, and then a therapist visit. 

Thankful for: An answer to prayer for my brother-in-law and sister.  The kind of answer that will splash over and bless a lot of people.

I'm reading:  I'm rereading "The Gift of a Letter" by Alexandra Stoddard.  
“An inspired letter can be as riveting as a stare. It can move us to tears, spur us to action, provoke us, uplift us, touch us. Transform us. When written from the heart, letters are dreams on paper, wishes fulfilled, desires satisfied. Letters can be powerful.” Alexandra Stoddard

Postmarking: Sending two today. Both with pink and orange paisley tissue-wrapped "prizes" tucked inside.

Favorite quote: 
 "Letter writing is an excellent way of slowing down this lunatic helter skelter universe long enough to gather one’s thoughts."  Nick Bantock

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  1. You are sending two today, I am sure the recipients will be happy.