Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pamela's Daybook: May 5

Today: Moving slow, but from the looks of my to-do list, I need to get a wiggle on.  RB is in Marion for a meeting. 

At my writing desk: I'm reading aloud today. It's amazing how many errors you find when you say the words instead of just reading them.

In the mail: Written on one of the cards I received this week -- "Thank you for listening." Alfred Brendel said, "The word listen has the same letters as the word silent."

Praying for: A friend who lost her mother this year. Sunday will be a hard day for her. 

Thankful for: God's Word: "Thy words were good, and I did eat them; and thy words were the joy and rejoicing of mine heart" (Jeremiah 15:16).

Creating: Does making heart-shaped waffles count? Many years ago, RB's roommate in college took him to his home.  Karl's mother made waffles with chicken gravy. RB still asks for it from time to time.

I'm reading: Reading the May/June issue of Bible Study magazine. I noticed an article on "Revealing the Wonder of the Bible." It's Sally Lloyd-Jones on writing for children. I'm making myself wait until I get to it. 

The focus of this issue is on the Gospel of Mark. Cheilca Hitunen wrote, "Mark weaves together stories to present Jesus as a particular kind of Messiah -- a Messiah of action, who gathers disciples, heals the sick, teaches with authority, debates the religious leaders, and overcomes evil forces. Jesus' actions manifest the kingdom of God that he proclaims."

 Sending a card to the friend who lost her mother this year. Last year was the first Mother's Day after my mother went to Heaven. My friend, Eleanor, sent me a gift -- shelter for my heart.

Favorite quote: 
“The more you study the Bible, the more you'll love its author." (Anon)


  1. That is such a sweet idea to send a card to a friend who lost her mother this year. I had never thought of doing that, but that is a wonderful idea I will have to remember.

  2. I feel ya with the book pile. And I just went and bought two more tonight!

  3. I love Sally Lloyd-Jones - my kids love the Jesus Storybook Bible.

  4. The more I spend time in His word, the less I want to spend time in the World. It changes me!

  5. Several people i know are spending their first mothers day/fathers day without their parent and I sent and will send cards. it's a small thing that has a huge affect. and last Monday I let her know she was in my prayer this week.


  6. I sometimes read my posts to my mom. Or when something doesn't make sense. It really does help to read aloud. I enjoyed your Daybook. Love this idea!

  7. Thinking of your friend and her loss. So hard!

  8. Great post. My mom died young and I miss her forever.

  9. I think that my devotional time is so important and integral to making my day smoother!

  10. I love your quote for this week. I've found it to be true as well. Wishing you a very blessed week!