Monday, 9 May 2016

Pamela's Daybook: May 9

Today: Barnes and Noble for five hours. Enough said!

At my writing desk: Finish June Banner article and have-to writing. I'm racing the clock so I can do some fun writing at the bookstore. Fun writing is something I'm not under contract or obligated to do.

In the mail: Happy mail! A special Kate Spade package from my friend, Eleanor. We live in the same town, but she knows just how much I love my mail, so pays postage to send it.

Praying for: Family coughs! RB, Emily, Melanie, Ethan, Morgan, Camron -- that's quite the list. It seems to just hang on and on and on.

Thankful for: Memories from yesterday's blessings from my daughters and husband, text messages from my sons-in-law and so many friends. I am blessed.

I'm reading: Just started "Comedy Writing Secrets" by Mel Helitzer. "When the mouth is open for laughter, you may be able to shove in a little food for thought" (Virginia Tooper).

Postmarking: Starting on the list for this week. Planning on taking a few notes with me. We sent over 100 cards out this week.

Favorite quote: "Dinosaurs don't read. Now they are extinct" (Sign outside a bookstore).

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