Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Pamela's Daybook: May 4

Today: A quiet day at home with RB. We do our own thing -- but together. I'll ask him for a word I'm trying to think of.  He reads me an email he's received. We work, quietly, listening to "He makes all things beautiful in His time..."

At my writing desk: Writing and blogging isn't all about writing and editing manuscripts. I spend many hours answering emails and Facebook messages, researching, and reading and commenting on other blogs. I'm never bored!

In the mail: Four pieces of "fun mail." A graduation announcement, two thank-you cards, and a note card designed to brighten my day -- it did!

Praying for: Heartland Christian School kids at state competition. They have worked diligently, and it's already paying off with three awards in writing short stories and essays.

Thankful for: My Postmarked group of ladies and children.  

Creating: I had a blast creating postcards at Melanie's yesterday. We made a major mess on her dining room table with sequin flowers, paper, washi, small lace doilies, punched music notes and circles, etc. Landon is finished with his work for the year, so he manned the laminator. 

I'm reading: Finished "The Eagle Tree." Amazing read.  I was almost finished when I thought it was going to end like a Jodie Picoult book. I love her books, but the endings kill me. Hayes wrapped it up nicely. I wanted to read some of his other books, but two of them are about fire, and I don't do fires, as some of my readers may well know...

Here's how you can make the fun postcards we made yesterday:

We used 4"x6" laminating sheets, but the directions said to use packing tape, so if you don't own a laminator, you can still make them. Put your decorations down however you desire. We learned as we went -- like using a return address stamp on the back of the doily, etc. Once they are laminated, place an address label in the center front of each. It was easy enough for Camron to do.  (Pictures below)

Favorite quote: 
“The kind of life I want is to be a person who would get a personal note every day.” Sara Zarr


  1. Oh I do love the craft! What a great idea - my kids would love this!

  2. So true theres more to,blogging g then working on your own writings as well.

  3. looks like great fun! I love the mail you received today! I love still sending cards! such a sweet treat when I get them.


  4. Real mail has a way of reaching us in a way that email cannot. It says more than what is written on the stationary.