Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pamela's Daybook: May 25th

Today: One of those days I'd like to sit in the sun and read. That whole "being responsible" thing keeps me inside, hitting the computer keys. RB has meetings at the University all day, so I can hear things banging around in my head. I need an internal file cabinet to separate the ideas.

At my writing desk: Working on preschool age Abram and Lot today. I think we all need a friend or family member like Abram. Lot selfishly chose the best land, but when he needed help, Uncle Abram was ready to help.

Whenever I am in a Christian Book Store, I look to see if they carry any of my books. I was in one this week and found quite a few. It made me smile. It's not just seeing them in a store (although that's fun), but it's that they are still being published and used.

In the mail: Empty mailbox! What price was a stamp when you were born? A first class stamp was 4 cents the year I was born.

Praying for: Our students at Accelerated Christian International Convention.

Thankful for: The impact the State and International Student Convention had on Melanie and Emily. In two years I'll have a grandson going. 

I'm reading:  I received an email from the book I told you about yesterday with the wrong rating. I was reimbursed for the full amount. That's good service! I'm an eclectic reader, so the "Twelve by Twelve" book looks interesting. It's about a successful physician who lives in a 12 x 12 cabin without electricity or running water -- two things necessary to my survival! 

Postmarking:  I sorted a box of my mother's correspondence last evening. The interesting thing to me was to see how she wrote to people of all ages -- young to elderly. 

Favorite quote:  Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. (Maya Angelou) 


  1. We do all need a friend like Abram - a friend who is in our family, who knows us very well and still will vouch for us again and again...

  2. Empty mailboxes make me sad for some reason! I always like getting mail!

  3. "Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud". OH how I love this <3

  4. Stamps were 15 cents the year I was born. I had no idea. Thanks! I learned something new. :-)

  5. I just looked up your books on Amazon. You have a bunch and they look great!