Monday, 6 June 2016

Pamela's Daybook: June 6th

Today: Today would have been RB's parents' 78th wedding anniversary. It's a Barnes and Noble day. I'm racing the clock before we leave.

At my writing desk: Already have my curriculum hours in.  Plan to write on another project at Barnes and Noble.

In the mail: No mail over the weekend. They say snail mail is a party in an envelope, so does that mean I didn't have a party this weekend? Naw...we attended an Eagle Scout induction and graduation party and they had cake! We may or may not have hit Ivanhoes while we were there. 

Praying for: Uncle Jim and Aunt Posie.  They are being transferred to senior care facilities. There's not a double room available, so they will be at two separate homes until one becomes available. Uncle Jim was determined to stay home, so this is a good move. 

Thankful for:  The heritage of good marriages both RB and I have. 

I'm reading: My Grandma Cessna's journal from 1973. I learned where my family's love of desserts came from. In one entry she wrote where they had supper, then wrote, "No dessert."  My grandma and granddad were sincere Christians. I'll be writing more that I glean from her journal.

Postmarking: Got the addresses posted last evening, then worked on getting cards ready to send. I have six ready to go. I'm taking my mailbag tonight, so I may get some more written.  

Favorite quote: True love stays by each other's sides in good days, and stands even closer on bad days. (Unknown)


  1. Love the quote-so very true and after 4 years of marriage something I am learning more and more each day!